Lol English~

Since I dunt feel like writing german -read my fail english for the lulz |'D This weekend was like.. lets say total crap.. I was bored the whole time.. no one was online and even drawing didn´t work that good .. I spent the most time in paintchat or staring at my wall but during the last week I did some stuff I gonna show you now =w= - Enjoy the WTFnesssss~

works only in german .. and btw I´m typo queen 8''D


Nega Duck 8''D for the sake of randomness


Jailbot at work


Screamer....lolWTF?? :'B

Metroid Prime (click to enlarge)

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Kuka hat gesagt…

Screenschotte=so much fail it's win

Und lol@ Fiesoduck. Oder wie auch immer sein Name im Deutschen geschrieben wird. Who cares.
Irgendwie habe ich nun das Bedürfniss ein Megatron/Megavolt Bild zu sehen....